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  • Order intake lower due to the previous year’s substantial security press project
  • Well filled project pipeline in all business fields
  • Revenue and EBIT below prior year due to stronger concentration of deliveries in H2
  • Service revenue up
  • Increase in order backlog to €648.5m with a book-to-bill ratio of 1.15
  • Increase in equity ratio to 37.9%
  • Net liquidity including securities of €103.7m    
  • After fully achieving and even exceeding its guidance last year thanks to strong revenue and earnings performance in the fourth quarter, the Koenig & Bauer group remains on track to meet its targets for 2018, underpinned by a high order backlog and a well filled project pipeline. In addition to good group-wide capacity utilisation, the progress that has been made in the projects for achieving further EBIT gains by 2021 is providing a solid basis. Service revenue climbed from €67.4m in the previous year to €71.8m in the first quarter of 2018.

    At €250.9m, group order intake in the first three months of 2018 was down on the previous year’s figure of €321.5m, which had been influenced by a major security project. CEO Claus Bolza-Schünemann: “Alongside our expansionary service business, we made further progress in the flourishing packaging printing. With our customer-centric solutions, we were able to increase order intake in cardboard and film printing, metal decorating, marking and coding printing. As expected, demand for digital printing presses was subdued.” Group revenue (€217.3m) and EBIT (–€1.9m) were down on the previous year (€259.1m and €5m, respectively) in Q1. CFO Mathias Dähn: “Due to the delivery dates requested by our customers, press installations in 2018 will be concentrating on the second half of the year and particularly Q4 to an even greater extent than last year.”

    Mit proaktiven Serviceangeboten wie umfassende Analysen zur Prozessoptimierung und Effizienzsteigerung der Kundenanlagen konnte Koenig & Bauer die Serviceumsätze steigern (1)

    Order gains in packaging printing

    Order intake in the Sheetfed segment, which is dominated by packaging printing, rose by 5.3%. Ralf Sammeck, the management board member responsible for this segment: “After widening our share of the global market across all format classes in 2017, we expanded our market leadership in large formats in Q1 2018.” Sheetfed EBIT was down on the previous year due to the delivery-related decline in revenue. Despite the growth in new business for flexible packaging, Digital & Web order intake fell short of the previous year as fewer orders were received for digital and newspaper web presses. With revenue up slightly, EBIT came under pressure from the low revenue level and R&D expenses as well as expenses on future growth. Despite the significant growth in metal decorating and marking and coding, order intake in the Special segment fell short of the previous year, which had included a large order for a security printing press. CEO Claus Bolza-Schünemann: “With a good project pipeline in security printing, the booking of the usually large orders is not spread evenly over the individual quarters.” EBIT in the Special segment was also slightly lower than in the previous year due to the delivery-related decline in revenue.

    Balance sheet strengthened substantially

    Cash flows from operating activities rose substantially over the previous year (–€14.9m) to €20.3m. The free cash flow was burdened by the final payment instalment of €34.8m for the external funding of a part of the pension provisions. CFO Mathias Dähn: “Following the transfer of our reinsurance claims against the insurer to the beneficiary active employees, we netted the financial receivables against the pension provisions. This reduced the balance sheet total by €59.9m, causing the equity ratio to rise to 37.9%.”

    Die im Großformat gestiegenen Bestellungen trugen zum Anstieg des Auftragseingangs im Sheetfed-Segment um 5,3 % bei (2)

    Group targets for 2018: revenue growth of around 4% and an EBIT margin of around 7%

    Looking ahead over the next few quarters, the management board expects a positive order development thanks to the ongoing expansion of the service business, growing demand in the packaging markets and expected new orders in security printing alongside the high order backlog. CFO Mathias Dähn: “The significantly increasing revenue momentum in the second half of the year together with further progress made by the cost-cutting projects in security printing, purchasing and production will lead to a clear improvement in group earnings. In the absence of any material deterioration in global economic and political conditions for our international business, we expect to achieve organic growth of around 4% in group revenue and an EBIT margin of around 7% in 2018. This will put us on track to achieving our EBIT margin target of 9% and an organic revenue growth rate of around 4% p.a. by 2021.”

    Progress made in projects for additional profitable growth

    Koenig & Bauer is working intensively on further applications in packaging, digital and industrial printing to achieve additional profitable growth beyond its medium-term goals. CFO Mathias Dähn: “One focus is the large and significantly growing market for analogue direct printing on corrugated board, for which we have developed the CorruFLEX and CorruCUT sheetfed flexo presses, both of which have a number of unique features. An important milestone was reached with the first CorruCUT order from the renowned pilot customer Klingele. After the completion of initial testing at our new demonstration centre in Würzburg, the CorruCUT will be installed on the first customer’s premises at the beginning of 2019. As a globally leading supplier of presses for 3-piece can decorating, we want to expand our profile by entering the 2-piece can market. The newly developed CS MetalCan offers users decisive advantages. Following two contract signings at the end of last year, we will be commencing intensive field-testing shortly with the target of sales launch at the end of 2018.”

    Figures at a glance 

    The financial statements can be downloaded as a PDF file from here


    news-969 Thu, 19 Apr 2018 12:18:21 +0200 KBA UK takes the 'Route to Success' with a commercial printing open house event in Dresden https://uk.koenig-bauer.com/news/details/article/kba-uk-takes-the-route-to-success-with-a-commercial-printing-open-house-event-in-dresden/
    The high speed Rapida 106 8+L conventional press
    KBA UK hosted a Commercial Print Open house for UK customers at KBA Sheet-fed headquarters in Dresden on the 17th of April 2018. The event, entitled ‘The Route to Success’ was a follow up from recent roadshows in the UK with same title where KBA North America Director of Technology Chris Travis highlighted the technical benefits of the Rapida range of presses to UK customers within their own boardrooms.

    The interest generated from Mr Travis' visits ensured that the event was very well attended with a large percentage of customers who were visiting KBA Sheet-fed headquarters for the first time.

    After an evening enjoying the cultural delights on offer in Dresden Aldstadt, which featured an impromptu masterclass in piano playing from new Koenig and Bauer Sales manager Torsten Schreiner, a total of 22 people were treated to presentations on the company history, strong financial performance and future plans from Vice President of Sales Jan Drechsel. This was followed up with a presentation of future Koenig and Bauer technology from Head of Product Management Sascha Fischer.

    KBA Sheet-Fed Solutions Head of Product Management Sascha Fischer presents to the UK delegation
    The press demonstrations started with the Rapida 106 seven colour + coater in the Demo Centre. 3 jobs were prepared for the machine, all featuring LEDUV inks plus UV coatings. The first job featured a job printed on metalised board with a white, 4 process colours and an effect coating. Once job 1 was complete, job 2, a poster with a different effect coating was loaded onto the press and whilst the press produced the 1000 sheets of 150 gsm gloss material the white ink from the previous job was washed up via simultaneous roller washing (SRW).

    The Rapida 106 7+L hits top speed
    The final job saw a new pantone colour introduced and the press was pushed to its world record, maximum speed of 20,000 sheets per hour. The preparation for this job allowed Demo Centre manager Wolfang Ley to show the guests the ease of set up and phenomenal performance of the QualiTronic PDF inline inspection system for defect free printing.

    Following the straight printing demonstration the next port of call was the long perfector presses: an eight colour plus coater with conventional inking and an identical press with LEDUV inking. Both presses were 18,000 sheet per hour, high speed versions and both presses were enabled with KBA’s AutoRun technology which allows automatic job changing without operator involvement.

    KBA UK sales Director Chris Scully and Area Sales Manager Len Taylor explain the benefits of LED UV printing

    On the first press, 3 sections of a report with a print run of 500 sheets each were completed in under 8 minutes. The following jobs on materials as thin as 70 and 60 gsm were produced with ease.

    The final demonstration of the day was featuring KBA’s LEDUV in combination with perfecting. The material ranges produced went from 135 gsm up to 350gsm and all ran at the maximum speed of 18,000 sheets per hour, once again AutoRun technology was employed for another multiple section job.

    A car brochure section was introduced to showcase the ultimate in colour control; Instrument Flight from System Brunner. The system uses information relating to the grey produced from the process colours and constantly revaluates and adjusts the colours automatically to maintain a perfect neutral grey throughout the print run. 

    Instrument Flight and KBA’s Quality Pass have both been awarded Idealliance accreditation for its use as a tool to aid printers in becoming certified G7 printers link.

    KBA UK Sales Director Chris Scully
    KBA UK Sales Director Chris Scully stated: ‘I am sure that our attendees at this event have now got plenty to consider with regards to their future press purchases. We are delighted that they have taken time out to visit our sheet-fed facility in Dresden. The detailed programme we put together for this event should have covered all areas of interest plus a few extra features they could not see elsewhere. It was a great event.’

    news-942 Thu, 22 Mar 2018 07:26:00 +0100 Koenig & Bauer achieves or exceeds targets for 2017 https://uk.koenig-bauer.com/news/details/article/koenig-bauer-erreicht-bzw-ueberschreitet-ziele-2017/
  • New orders up 10.1%
  • 4.3% increase in revenue
  • Book-to-bill ratio of 1.04
  • 8.7% increase in order backlog
  • EBIT margin of 6.7%
  • Equity ratio of 36.4%
  • Net liquidity including securities of €121m
  • Dividend of €0.90 per share proposed
  • Group targets for 2018: revenue growth of around 4% and an EBIT margin of around 7%  
  • Driven by strong revenue and earnings in the fourth quarter, Koenig & Bauer fully achieved or exceeded its guidance for 2017. The printing press manufacturer’s consolidated figures show that with the increase in revenue, earnings and order intake achieved last year it is well on track towards achieving its medium-term targets by 2021.

    Growth in the packaging markets and service business, further market share gains

    With security business remaining strong, Koenig & Bauer achieved growth in the packaging markets for cardboard printing, metal, glass and hollow container decorating and coding as well as with new products such as rotary and flatbed die-cutters. Market share was widened in all business fields. CEO Claus Bolza-Schünemann: “In addition to the market success of the rotary die-cutter, the sharp rise in new contracts for flatbed die-cutters over the previous year exceeded our expectations substantially.” Moreover, the group’s revenue and earnings growth was particularly underpinned by expansion in service business. Thus, the proportion of group revenue generated by service business widened from 23.5% in the previous year to 25.6%. CFO Mathias Dähn: “This shows that the group-wide service initiative launched at the beginning of 2016, with which we want to widen the share of service business in group revenue step by step to 30% by 2021 in the interests of greater earnings potential and stability, is now beginning to bear fruit. We want to create satisfied and loyal customers by offering excellent service. At the same time, rising service revenue is an important measure of customer satisfaction for us.”

    Für den großen und signifikant wachsenden Markt des analogen Direktdrucks auf Wellpappe hat Koenig & Bauer die Bogen-Flexomaschinen CorruFLEX und CorruCUT (mit integrierter Rotationsstanze) entwickelt. Eine CorruCUT wird Anfang 2019 beim Pilotkunden Klingele installiert (1)

    Progress made in projects for additional profitable growth

    Koenig & Bauer is working intensively on further applications in packaging, digital and industrial printing to achieve additional profitable growth beyond its medium-term targets. One key aspect is corrugated board printing, which is flourishing at above-average rates thanks to long-term trends such as home-shopping as well as more sophisticated and colourful outer packaging. CEO Claus Bolza-Schünemann: “We have already started marketing the sheetfed flexo presses CorruFLEX and CorruCUT (with an integrated rotary die-cutter), both of which have been developed with a number of unique features. In early 2019 we will be installing a CorruCUT system at the pilot customer Klingele.” A further target market is 2-piece can printing. Explains CFO Mathias Dähn: “As a globally leading supplier of presses for 3-piece can printing, we want to expand our profile by entering the 2-piece can market. Presented in May 2017 with a number of important advantages for users, the newly developed CS MetalCan press for 2-piece can decorating met with strong customer interest. Following two contract signings, we are now able to commence intensive field-testing with the target of sales launch at the end of 2018.” In digital printing, Koenig & Bauer sees an additional growth option as digitisation no longer poses any substitution risks in the markets addressed by the company.

    Good group business performance in 2017

    At €1,217.6m, group revenue reached the target corridor of up to €1.25bn defined in the guidance. With revenue up 4.3% over the previous year (€1,167.1m), Koenig & Bauer fully achieved its mid-term organic revenue growth rate of around 4% p.a., thus more than making up for the further decline of €25m in revenue from newspaper and commercial web presses. The group’s new orders rose substantially by 10.1% over 2016 (€1,149.7m) to €1,266.3m. With orders up 29.7% over the previous year, the fourth quarter was particularly strong. The book-to-bill ratio came to 1.04, while order backlog stood at €606.2m, up 8.7% on the previous year.

    EBIT margin of 6.7% exceeded guidance of around 6% for 2017

    The increased revenue in tandem with more service business across the Group caused the profit rise. In addition to expenses for portfolio additions, new products and IT systems, earnings came under strain from production service provider KBA-Industrial Solutions and the measures to optimise flexible packaging printing. Adjusted for the non-recurring income in the previous year, EBIT climbed from €62.9m to €81.4m. Driven by the positive earnings development and outlook for the group, a tax income of €12.7m arose again from the recognition of deferred tax assets. At €81.1m, group net profit (previous year: €82.2m) translates into earnings per share of €4.91 in 2017 (2016: €4.98).

    Mit dem Abschluss von zwei Kundenverträgen für die für den 2-Teil-Dosendruck mit vielen Alleinstellungsmerkmalen entwickelte CS MetalCan starten intensive Feldtests mit dem Ziel der Verkaufsfreigabe Ende 2018 (2)

    Dividend of €0.90 per share proposed

    “Thanks to the positive earnings performance and the retained profit generated by the holding company Koenig & Bauer AG, we are able to continue our dividend policy with a distribution rate of between 15% and 35% of the group’s net profit,” said CEO Claus Bolza-Schünemann. Accordingly, the Management Board and the Supervisory Board will be asking the shareholders to approve a dividend of €0.90 per share at the annual general meeting on 9 May 2018. This is equivalent to a dividend ratio of 18.4% of Group net profit.

    Order and earnings momentum continuing for Sheetfed

    Driven by innovative, bespoke solutions for folding carton and commercial printing as well as a broader sales and service footprint in the markets of the future, order intake in the Sheetfed segment, which as the largest segment is dominated by packaging printing, rose by 15.2% over the previous year (€569.7m) to €656.2m. Revenue climbed by 7.3% over 2016 (€615m) to €660.2m. EBIT increased from €31.3m in the previous year to €37.5m, with the EBIT margin widening from 5.1% to 5.7%.

    Digital & Web investing in the markets of the future

    Digital & Web order intake and revenue fell short of the previous year primarily as a result of the expected further decline in orders for newspaper and commercial web presses. Segment earnings came under strain from optimisation efforts for flexible packaging printing as well as R&D expenses, resulting in an EBIT of –€4.3m, down on the previous year’s figure of €0.5m. CFO Mathias Dähn: “With the measures taken in flexible packaging printing, a turnaround is apparent, although it will be important to continue to take the right actions to close the gap between our company and the successful leaders of this attractive market.”

    Besonders erfreulich war die Auftrags-, Umsatz- und Ergebnisentwicklung 2017 im Geschäft mit Flachbettstanzen (3)

    Order intake, revenues and profit up in the Special segment

    Growth in orders for security printing, metal and glass/hollow container decorating as well as coding boosted order intake by 16.1% to €533.7m (2016: €459.7m). Revenue grew by 5.3% from €444.3m in the previous year to €467.9m. Following a segment profit of €44.3m in the previous year, EBIT of €53.7m was recorded in 2017.

    Stronger balance sheet and financial power

    Cash flows from operating activities increased slightly from €21.9m in the previous year to €23.8m despite the higher net working capital. Following the successful efforts to reduce working capital in large parts of the group, the measures already taken to optimise receivables and inventories in security printing will not have short-term effects. The free cash flow of –€59.6m (2016: €2.3m) was burdened by high investments (€48.5m) and payment instalments (€36.8m) made for the external funding of a part of the pension provisions. As well as the internal liquidity generated by operating business, the group has access to credit facilities provided by a syndicate of renowned banks. In addition to a guarantee facility of €200m, the syndicated finance includes a revolving cash credit facility of €150m with an option to increase it by €50m. The facilities have a term of five years plus two one-year renewal options up until December 2024. The solid balance-sheet structure was additionally improved with the increase in the equity ratio from 31.1% to 36.4%.

    Group targets for 2018: revenue growth of around 4% and an EBIT margin of around 7%

    In the absence of any material deterioration in global economic and political conditions for our international business, Management Board expects to achieve organic growth of around 4% in group revenue and an EBIT margin of around 7% in 2018.

    CFO Mathias Dähn: “In addition to the favourable global economy and the outlook for the consistently growing packaging and industrial printing industry, our forecast is based on the 10.1% increase in order intake and the further gains in market share achieved in all business fields. A strong basis is also provided by the 8.7% rise in the order backlog to €606.2m and the progress made in the €70m EBIT increase projects by 2021. The incremental growth in the revenue share of service business to 30% and the performance improvement project in security printing should each contribute around €20m and the integrated production network and strategic purchasing each around €15m to earnings growth. At the same time, we will be raising the prices of our entire product range by 3.7% effective 1 April 2018 in response to rising costs. Even so, the targeted growth investments are leaving traces on our cost position. Our guidance for 2018 put us on track to achieving our EBIT margin target of 9% and an organic revenue growth rate of around 4% p.a. by 2021. We would expect to reach the lower edge of our EBIT guidance of between 4% and 9% in the event of more adverse conditions in the global economy and the end markets, particularly as a result of volatile security printing business.”

    In the first quarter of 2018, Koenig & Bauer will be completing the partial external funding of its pension provisions commenced in 2017 and initially planned for a period of five years. The final payment will be in the same amount as all the previous payments made in 2017. At the time of transfer of the claims to the beneficiaries, the reinsurance claims recognised within financial receivables will be netted against pension provisions. This reduction in the balance sheet will additionally improve the equity ratio and will bring it closer to the target of over 45%.

    Figures at a glance 

    The financial statements can be downloaded as a PDF file from here


    news-944 Wed, 21 Mar 2018 16:10:46 +0100 KBA UK adds a Colour Measurement Technologist to its UK Service Team https://uk.koenig-bauer.com/news/details/article/kba-uk-adds-a-colour-measurement-technologist/
    Dave Ward KBA UK Ltd. Colour Measurement Technologist

    KBA UK has responded to the growing demand for presses with increasingly complex levels of colour and inspection control by appointing Dave Ward as Colour Measurement Technologist for the UK and Ireland.

    Mr Ward has vast experience of the print industry, having worked as a Printer (running a Planeta 6 colour) at D.S. Smith Carlisle before being promoted to Supervisor and finally Pressroom manager.

    For the following 21 years Dave worked for GMI/AVT (Graphic Microsystems Inc/Advanced Vision Technology) as Senior Engineer for Colour Control and Closed Loop Colour Measurement Systems in Sheet-fed, Web, Metal Decorating and Currency Press applications.

    Peter Banks KBA UK Ltd. Service Manager

    KBA UK Ltd. Service Manager Peter Banks states: We welcome Dave to our team, he brings with him a very specialist set of skills. His knowledge on colour control systems is first class and he will be another great addition to our growing service team.

    news-918 Mon, 05 Mar 2018 12:54:24 +0100 KBA UK announces a new service agent for ROI and NI https://uk.koenig-bauer.com/news/details/article/kba-uk-announces-a-new-service-agent-for-roi-and-ni/
    Chris Dixon of C&C Dixon Ltd.

    KBA UK Ltd. is pleased to announce that Chris Dixon will be the official service agent for KBA UK in the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland with immediate effect. 

    Mr Dixon who is based in Dublin has over 30 years experience within print and has provided engineering services to the printing industry for the last 11 years. He has specialist skills in Electrical engineering and has great experience of Koenig and Bauer products.

    Chris will receive the full support of the KBA UK service team and is contactable via the following methods:

    Tel: 00 44 1923 819922

    e-mail: uk-serviceteam(at)koenig-bauer.com

    news-890 Fri, 19 Jan 2018 12:31:30 +0100 Beatus Cartons invest in two Iberica Optima 106 cut and crease machines from KBA https://uk.koenig-bauer.com/news/details/article/beatus-cartons-invest-in-two-iberica-optima-106-cut-and-crease-machines-from-kba/
    Beatus Cartons Chairman Stephen Lord (Left), KBA Area Salesman (Sheet-fed Presses) Peter Banks (Centre) and Beatus Cartons Managing Director Clive Stinchcombe (Right).

    Porth based, high quality carton printer Beatus Cartons has purchased 2 KBA Iberica Optima 106 die cutters. The second of the two devices will be delivered in March 2018 after a successful installation of the first one in November 2017.

    The new die cutters are the latest stage in an exciting investment programme that has seen a brand new, state of the art innovation centre constructed to house a new carton design studio and new pre-press and proofing equipment. The upgrades in pre-press were followed by the installation of the Rapida 106 7 colour plus double coating press in November 2017

    Beatus Cartons was established in 1940

    Beatus Cartons (the trading name of Jacob Beatus Ltd, named after its founder) is a proud, family owned business which was established in 1940. Based in Porth in the Rhondda Valley they specialise in providing folding printed cartons in solid board, litho laminated flute and plastic packaging for the food, pharmaceutical, confectionery, motor, glassware, health and beauty industries. Many of the 55 employees at the 78 year ‘young’, £5million turnover business have been with the company for many years (7 members of staff in excess of 40 years!). It is this level of dedication and commitment which has helped the business to thrive and maintain a very loyal customer base as well as regularly attracting new clients. 

    Managing Director Clive Stinchcombe states: ‘We may be 78 years old but we prefer to think of the business as 78 years young. We are a forward thinking company, proud of our longevity, but equally excited by the future that lies ahead. It was imperative that following the huge investment in the new KBA Rapida Press that we matched it up in terms of efficiency with complimentary Cutting & Creasing Machines. The Company could not afford to have a disassociation between the Print and Cutting and Creasing Departments which would have hindered productivity and compromised on efficiencies. The Iberica Optimas would ensure that the transition would be largely seamless once both of the machines were in situ and running to their optimum capabilities.’

    Prior to order sign off, extensive testing on the Optimas on a range of complex jobs supplied by Beatus Cartons finishing team took place at KBA Iberica headquarters in Barcelona, Spain in early November. 

    KBA Iberica Optima 106

    The Optima 106’s are specifically designed to handle production of paper, cardboard, plastic and corrugated Boards up to 1.5mm and run at a top speed of 8500 sheets per hour. 

    Ultimate Flexibility

    To match the large range of materials from different sectors of the packaging market produced at Beatus Cartons, the Optimas are specified with a whole host of items in addition to the standard supplied equipment. 

    Both devices are raised on a 400 mm plinth to match the new Rapida 106 Printing Press which allows larger stacks to be handled and improves productivity. To produce on lighter stocks a paper kit for thinner materials has been specified as well as antistatic equipment to aid production of the plastic materials Beatus Cartons produce on a regular basis. 

    The Optimas feature motorized front lays. The devices have the latest Varioplan System designed to reduce the number of nicks required increasing the quality of the job, which, in turn increases productivity by up to 25% compared with older model Iberica die-cutters. In addition, a front edge stripping device is also included which removes the need for manual stripping at the front edge of the sheet and a Fast-Flow chase ensures quick change over of the dies.

    Mr Stinchcombe commented “It was the flexible nature of the machine whereby we could basically have it tailor made to our specification that made the decision to choose this machine so much easier. As a Company with such a diversified range of styles and substrates it was not only essential, but critical to be able to cover all bases and this machine does just that.”

    KBA UK Ltd. Sales Director Chris Scully

    KBA (UK) Ltd. Sales Director Chris Scully added: ‘We are delighted Beatus Cartons has returned to KBA, this time for their die cutter purchases. They have a clear strategy in place for taking the business to a new level which will ultimately result in greater returns for all at the company. The installation of Optima 106’s is key milestone in the expansion programme Beatus put in place several years ago and ensures they have one of the most modern and well specified carton production plants in the UK.  

    news-882 Wed, 10 Jan 2018 17:30:53 +0100 KBA UK Ltd. appoints a new Print Performance Specialist for the South of England https://uk.koenig-bauer.com/news/details/article/kba-uk-ltd-appoints-a-new-print-performance-specialist-for-the-south-of-england/  
    Jason Manchester Print Performance Specialist (South)

    KBA UK have added Jason Manchester from ink manufacturer Huber Group to their technical team. He has taken the role of Print Performance Specialist to support their growing installation base in the South of England.


    Mr Manchester has gained 30 years of print industry experience working at various printers in the Berkshire area. He developed his skills as a litho printer before being promoted to the position of press room manager at Maurice Payne Colour Printers Ltd. He joined ink manufacturer Huber Group as Technical Manager in 2007 and worked in the southern region before joining KBA UK Ltd. in December 2017.


    Jason has extensive skills in trouble shooting on presses from a large range of manufacturers and can provide best practice advice on all consumable products. His role will involve supporting new and existing customers to ensure that the presses are always performing at the highest levels. Jason has specialist skills in colour management and will be assisting printers in meeting the requirements of the I.S.O. 12647-2 standard for print.


    KBA UK Ltd. Managing Director Andrew Pang

    KBA UK Managing Director Andrew Pang states: We are delighted to welcome Jason to our team. His skills in press trouble shooting and his extensive knowledge of colour, inks, coatings and chemistry will be a major asset for us and our customers in the South as we continue to expend our customer base.

    news-855 Mon, 27 Nov 2017 15:25:00 +0100 J Thomson Colour Printers lift the 2017 Koenig and Bauer Performance Award https://uk.koenig-bauer.com/news/details/article/j-thomson-colour-printers-lift-the-2017-koenig-and-bauer-performance-award/
    The KBA UK Ltd. 1814 Performance Award

    Glasgow based, J Thomson Colour Printers have been rewarded with a 35% performance increase following their switch from Heidelberg XL technology in 2016 to Rapida 106 technology. This production uplift, as well as producing their largest job ever, was enough for them to be victorious in this year’s annual 1814 Performance Award. The announcement was made during KBA UK Ltd’s annual press briefing at London’s iconic ‘Gherkin’ building.

    The award was presented by KBA UK Ltd. Sales Director Chris Scully and KBA Sheet-Fed Solutions Vice President of Sales Jan Drechsel for:  A 35% improvement in production performance, a record number of make readies on a single job and the highest production speeds of 18,000 Sheets per hour.

    The award, which is presented annually, commemorates the commissioning of the world’s first steam driven printing press which was supplied to the Times of London by Friedrich Koenig and Andreas Bauer in 1814. The success of the project led to the formation of the Koenig and Bauer Group 3 years later. This year the company celebrated its 200th anniversary.

    JThomson's MD Kevin Creechan (Centre Right) and Print Manager Iain Jackson (Centre Left)

    Attending to accept the award on behalf of the 65 year old, 125 employee business, were J Thomson Managing Director Kevin Creechan and Print Manger Iain Jackson. They spoke to the assembled print media journalists about the jobs they submitted, which included a job previously produced on their Heidelberg presses; a 500 run length, 464 page (29 sections) catalogue for Edinburgh Arts which was produced 35% quicker than last year’s version. They also produced a series of fine art posters for Steven Brown Art. The 67 different versions represented the largest number of workings they have ever produced for 1 job. The posters were printed on the LED UV Rapida 106 6 colour plus coater and beat the estimated time for completion by 50%. The other jobs submitted (both catalogue work) ran at 18,000SPH on the 10 colour long perfector.

    Kevin Creechan stated how the switch to Koenig and Bauer technology had been a great success and the support they had received during and after the sales process had been key to their success. ‘It is very important for us to trust our suppliers to guide you to a decision that is going to be right for your business. Koenig and Bauer were the only manufacturer to really push LED UV technology as something we would require in the future. The other manufacturers were telling us it wasn’t right for our business because it didn’t suit them at that time. However, when you are making a seven year capital investment you have to trust that your supplier has your businesses best interests at heart. We certainly found this with Koenig and Bauer and we made the right investment.

    Iain Jackson stated that the technology on the presses enabled them to achieve the previously unsurpassed levels of performance. ‘For the Edinburgh Arts catalogue we had to change plates on all units 29 times. Plate changing on our previous press for the same job last year took nearly 4 hours. This year we completed the plate changing in just 29 minutes.’

    The event was attended by major UK print journalists

    Chris Scully and Jan Drechsel jointly presented the company’s recent strong financial performance figures citing further growth in the packaging sector as part of the plans for 2018. They also announced that the company had taken it’s first order for a CorruJET digital sheet-fed press for production directly onto corrugated material, another area of key growth.

    [Translate to English (UK):] KBA UK Ltd. Sales Director Chris Scully addresses the journalists

    Concluding the lunch, Chris Scully stated that ‘J Thomson are another high quality printer who had made the switch to Koenig and Bauer technology and have reaped the benefits.’ He continued ‘It is amazing how inter connected a good deal of the UK print industry is. News of our successes has travelled fast and I am proud to say that J Thomson is now another strong reference account for our presses.

    news-856 Sat, 18 Nov 2017 15:35:00 +0100 Taylor Bloxham invest in a high performance Rapida 106 from Koenig and Bauer https://uk.koenig-bauer.com/news/details/article/taylor-bloxham-invest-in-a-high-performance-rapida-106-from-koenig-and-bauer/ One of the UK’s largest printing companies Taylor Bloxham Ltd has increased its print capacity by investing in a new press which will enable the business to print 18,000 sheets per hour.

    Taylor Bloxham - Specialists in Ultra High Definition Litho Print

    The Leicester based print firm, which specialises in litho, ultra HD print, digital print, large format and print finishing, has made the switch from two traditional Heidelberg presses to Koenig and Bauer’s Rapida 106.

    The purchase of the new press is the latest in a series of investments that Taylor Bloxham has made in state of the art print technology. Efficiency and production capacity has already risen as a result, and the installation of the Rapida press will further increase production levels.

    Robert Lockwood - Taylor Bloxham CEO

    “As printers of high quality brochures, marketing communications and POS materials our customers demand speed, value and excellence,” comments Robert Lockwood, CEO of Taylor Bloxham Ltd. “Dealing with high volumes, sometimes at short notice, doesn’t mean that we have to sacrifice quality. By investing in the latest print technologies we can ensure a quick turnaround with a superior finish. We’re looking forward to seeing the benefits that the Rapida 106 will pass on to our clients.”

    The new press, an 18,000 sheet per hour 6 colour plus coater, will be installed in April 2018.  As standard, it is equipped with Koenig and Bauer’s (KBA) unique sensoric infeed system and servo driven motors for the feeder drives and suction belts. These features increase running speeds, ensuring faster turnaround times.

    The Rapida 106 - The press of choice for high quality printers

    ErgoTronic Autorun technology also allows several jobs to be queued on the press. Minimum operator involvement is needed as jobs are autonomously produced to the desired colour quality and run length. The fully automatic plate changing also allows plates to be changed in just over two minutes.

    Robert adds: “One of our specialisms is ultra-high definition print. We felt that the Rapida 106 offered the best solution for colour control and compliance with ISO 12647-2, as well as quality analysis and reporting.”

    KBA UK Ltd. Sales Director Chris Scully

    KBA (UK) Ltd’s Sales Director, Chris Scully commented: ‘We are thrilled that Taylor Bloxham have chosen KBA as their new partner for the next stage in the development of their business. They join a prestigious list of high quality UK printers who have made the switch to Rapida 106 technology. Taylor Bloxham print some of the most demanding quality work in the UK and equally, they have a need to produce work with quick make readies and at the highest speeds. Due to its superb engineering and technology the Rapida 106 ticks the box on all counts.”

    Established in 1938 and employing over 200 people, Taylor Bloxham Ltd includes three brands that work together to manage the whole chain of marketing communications.  Combined, Taylor Bloxham, FastAnt and Instore offer expertise in print, direct mail, fulfilment design and retail point of purchase.