Beatus Cartons invest in two Iberica Optima 106 cut and crease machines from KBA

Beatus Cartons Chairman Stephen Lord (Left), KBA Area Salesman (Sheet-fed Presses) Peter Banks (Centre) and Beatus Cartons Managing Director Clive Stinchcombe (Right).

Porth based, high quality carton printer Beatus Cartons has purchased 2 KBA Iberica Optima 106 die cutters. The second of the two devices will be delivered in March 2018 after a successful installation of the first one in November 2017.

The new die cutters are the latest stage in an exciting investment programme that has seen a brand new, state of the art innovation centre constructed to house a new carton design studio and new pre-press and proofing equipment. The upgrades in pre-press were followed by the installation of the Rapida 106 7 colour plus double coating press in November 2017

Beatus Cartons was established in 1940

Beatus Cartons (the trading name of Jacob Beatus Ltd, named after its founder) is a proud, family owned business which was established in 1940. Based in Porth in the Rhondda Valley they specialise in providing folding printed cartons in solid board, litho laminated flute and plastic packaging for the food, pharmaceutical, confectionery, motor, glassware, health and beauty industries. Many of the 55 employees at the 78 year ‘young’, £5million turnover business have been with the company for many years (7 members of staff in excess of 40 years!). It is this level of dedication and commitment which has helped the business to thrive and maintain a very loyal customer base as well as regularly attracting new clients. 

Managing Director Clive Stinchcombe states: ‘We may be 78 years old but we prefer to think of the business as 78 years young. We are a forward thinking company, proud of our longevity, but equally excited by the future that lies ahead. It was imperative that following the huge investment in the new KBA Rapida Press that we matched it up in terms of efficiency with complimentary Cutting & Creasing Machines. The Company could not afford to have a disassociation between the Print and Cutting and Creasing Departments which would have hindered productivity and compromised on efficiencies. The Iberica Optimas would ensure that the transition would be largely seamless once both of the machines were in situ and running to their optimum capabilities.’

Prior to order sign off, extensive testing on the Optimas on a range of complex jobs supplied by Beatus Cartons finishing team took place at KBA Iberica headquarters in Barcelona, Spain in early November. 

KBA Iberica Optima 106

The Optima 106’s are specifically designed to handle production of paper, cardboard, plastic and corrugated Boards up to 1.5mm and run at a top speed of 8500 sheets per hour. 

Ultimate Flexibility

To match the large range of materials from different sectors of the packaging market produced at Beatus Cartons, the Optimas are specified with a whole host of items in addition to the standard supplied equipment. 

Both devices are raised on a 400 mm plinth to match the new Rapida 106 Printing Press which allows larger stacks to be handled and improves productivity. To produce on lighter stocks a paper kit for thinner materials has been specified as well as antistatic equipment to aid production of the plastic materials Beatus Cartons produce on a regular basis. 

The Optimas feature motorized front lays. The devices have the latest Varioplan System designed to reduce the number of nicks required increasing the quality of the job, which, in turn increases productivity by up to 25% compared with older model Iberica die-cutters. In addition, a front edge stripping device is also included which removes the need for manual stripping at the front edge of the sheet and a Fast-Flow chase ensures quick change over of the dies.

Mr Stinchcombe commented “It was the flexible nature of the machine whereby we could basically have it tailor made to our specification that made the decision to choose this machine so much easier. As a Company with such a diversified range of styles and substrates it was not only essential, but critical to be able to cover all bases and this machine does just that.”

KBA UK Ltd. Sales Director Chris Scully

KBA (UK) Ltd. Sales Director Chris Scully added: ‘We are delighted Beatus Cartons has returned to KBA, this time for their die cutter purchases. They have a clear strategy in place for taking the business to a new level which will ultimately result in greater returns for all at the company. The installation of Optima 106’s is key milestone in the expansion programme Beatus put in place several years ago and ensures they have one of the most modern and well specified carton production plants in the UK.  


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