KBA UK takes the 'Route to Success' with a commercial printing open house event in Dresden

The high speed Rapida 106 8+L conventional press
KBA UK hosted a Commercial Print Open house for UK customers at KBA Sheet-fed headquarters in Dresden on the 17th of April 2018. The event, entitled ‘The Route to Success’ was a follow up from recent roadshows in the UK with same title where KBA North America Director of Technology Chris Travis highlighted the technical benefits of the Rapida range of presses to UK customers within their own boardrooms.

The interest generated from Mr Travis' visits ensured that the event was very well attended with a large percentage of customers who were visiting KBA Sheet-fed headquarters for the first time.

After an evening enjoying the cultural delights on offer in Dresden Aldstadt, which featured an impromptu masterclass in piano playing from new Koenig and Bauer Sales manager Torsten Schreiner, a total of 22 people were treated to presentations on the company history, strong financial performance and future plans from Vice President of Sales Jan Drechsel. This was followed up with a presentation of future Koenig and Bauer technology from Head of Product Management Sascha Fischer.

KBA Sheet-Fed Solutions Head of Product Management Sascha Fischer presents to the UK delegation
The press demonstrations started with the Rapida 106 seven colour + coater in the Demo Centre. 3 jobs were prepared for the machine, all featuring LEDUV inks plus UV coatings. The first job featured a job printed on metalised board with a white, 4 process colours and an effect coating. Once job 1 was complete, job 2, a poster with a different effect coating was loaded onto the press and whilst the press produced the 1000 sheets of 150 gsm gloss material the white ink from the previous job was washed up via simultaneous roller washing (SRW).

The Rapida 106 7+L hits top speed
The final job saw a new pantone colour introduced and the press was pushed to its world record, maximum speed of 20,000 sheets per hour. The preparation for this job allowed Demo Centre manager Wolfang Ley to show the guests the ease of set up and phenomenal performance of the QualiTronic PDF inline inspection system for defect free printing.

Following the straight printing demonstration the next port of call was the long perfector presses: an eight colour plus coater with conventional inking and an identical press with LEDUV inking. Both presses were 18,000 sheet per hour, high speed versions and both presses were enabled with KBA’s AutoRun technology which allows automatic job changing without operator involvement.

KBA UK sales Director Chris Scully and Area Sales Manager Len Taylor explain the benefits of LED UV printing

On the first press, 3 sections of a report with a print run of 500 sheets each were completed in under 8 minutes. The following jobs on materials as thin as 70 and 60 gsm were produced with ease.

The final demonstration of the day was featuring KBA’s LEDUV in combination with perfecting. The material ranges produced went from 135 gsm up to 350gsm and all ran at the maximum speed of 18,000 sheets per hour, once again AutoRun technology was employed for another multiple section job.

A car brochure section was introduced to showcase the ultimate in colour control; Instrument Flight from System Brunner. The system uses information relating to the grey produced from the process colours and constantly revaluates and adjusts the colours automatically to maintain a perfect neutral grey throughout the print run. 

Instrument Flight and KBA’s Quality Pass have both been awarded Idealliance accreditation for its use as a tool to aid printers in becoming certified G7 printers link.

KBA UK Sales Director Chris Scully
KBA UK Sales Director Chris Scully stated: ‘I am sure that our attendees at this event have now got plenty to consider with regards to their future press purchases. We are delighted that they have taken time out to visit our sheet-fed facility in Dresden. The detailed programme we put together for this event should have covered all areas of interest plus a few extra features they could not see elsewhere. It was a great event.’


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